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Newton Youth Hockey: Learn to Skate

The Learn to Skate program will run two 9 week sessions for the 2017-2018 season.  

LTS sessions for 2017-2018 
Saturday afternoon 4:00 - 4:50 at Daly Rink

Daly Rink, 1 Nonantum Road, Newton (along the Charles River)

  • Session 1: November 11th - January 6th (excluding Christmas Day) 
  • Session 2: January 13th - March 10th
    **Skating WILL OCCUR on Saturday during the school vacation week.

Fee: $215 per session or $400 for both if registering at the same time.

Registration for the 2nd session is currently open, and you may register at any time, including after the session begins.

Please email the  with any questions.

The program is not capped at a maximum number, and your child will not be denied a spot. In order to register for Learn to Skate, you must FIRST register with USA Hockey and acquire a USA Hockey number. Then you may register for Learn the Skate.  

Once registered, please download this PDF for detailed program and equipment information. 

Age range:  4-7*

  • NYH recommends age 4 for children to begin skating. 3 year olds may register, but we leave this choice to parental discretion. For 3 year-old children, it is highly recommended that a parent participate with them. The younger the child, the more attention they need. 

Coaches and Parent Volunteers

  • The Learn to Skate program is staffed by you, the parents. The program is organized by two full-time coaches, but we need adult skaters on the ice to assist the children. The better the adult/child ratio, the more attention each child gets, and all the children benefit from a better learning experience. 
  • If you can skate, please volunteer. You do not need to be an excellent skater or former hockey player. The coaches will provide guidance for you to teach the children.

Basic Equipment Needs

  • Any type of skate is acceptable. Hockey skates are not required.

Hockey Helmet with Face Mask: MANDATORY

  • BIKE AND SKI HELMETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Skate blades frequently come within centimeters of their faces. Your child will not be allowed to skate without a proper hockey helmet and mask.


  • We recommend hockey shin guards or general purpose knee pads and elbow pads. Full hockey pads are welcome, but not required. 


  • Children will focus on skating skills only.

First time skaters:

  • For first time skaters, please purchase 2 milk crates. This is a balance tool they will use in the beginning. Assembly details in the PDF